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As the Digital Agency of Record for Tidy Cats, Infuz became experts at CPG promotions in the pet category. In 2012, Purina Tidy Cats affinity program was an integrated campaign centered around a small idea called “No More PU.” Tidy Cats has solved the problem of PU in the litter box, and now it’s on a mission to help get rid of PU in our everyday lives. The Infuz team came up with the concept of the PU Patrol, a team of stink-busting professionals that travels the country doing good for all. Over the course of many months, we developed the campaign flow, site architecture and engagement application on NoMorePU.com.

This was a fun project because of the inter-agency collaboration between AFG (the above line agency), Cone Communications and Checkmark (handling all PR events and the mobile tour) and my agency designing and executing all social and digital extensions of the program. As the Creative Director, I was there for every step of the way from concept development to design and program maintenance, I had a hand in almost every aspect of the website and the content being created. Heck, you can check out the campaign video intro I animated in After Effects too (also on this page). I learned a ton about content development and planning with this campaign and worked with some awesome folks outside of my agency.

Life Stinks Web Series

My agency didn't work on this, but it was part of the website and campaign. In addition to the interactive wall and posts from the PU Patrol, a 10-part series was also on the site called "Life Stinks." This hysterical web series featured Rachael Harris, and was produced in association with AFG, Principato Young Entertainment, and Electus.


Check out the whole series here on YouTube.

  • More than 55 million media impressions

    • 37% above the original goal

    • 100% branded coverage

    • More than 90 local news stories

  • Increased engagement with and followers for @TidyCats

    • Garnered nearly 2 million Twitter impressions

    • Increased followers for @TidyCats by 137%

    • Encouraged consumers to use the #lifestinks hashtag

  • Generated traffic to NoMorePU.com and product sales that directly corresponded with each of the in-market activations

  • Garnered more than 3.5 million vehicle impressions

    • Traveled 7,508 miles

    • Filled 3,334 gallons of gas

    • Surprised and delighted consumers with 4,440 branded items

    • Provided 6,500 coupons to cat owners

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Senior Art Director - Heather Harris

Senior Copywriter - Eammon Azizi

Designer - Megan Anderson

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