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At Momentum, this project was one of my claims to fame because of the breadth of content we were playing with on top of the inter-office partnership success with this program. It was a fully integrated program bring on-premise promotions, advertising, and digital efforts together to relaunch this iconic brand. The New York-based team that had been the core of Amster Yard collaborated with the St. Louis-based account and creative teams to develop “Born Small Town” for the newly acquired AB-Inbev brand Rolling Rock.

We activated the campaign through a music tour, online content, email, and local bar events featuring Bloodshot Records artists and a really relaxed vibe that resonated with Rolling Rock’s indie cred. As the Digital Creative Director for the Anheuser-Busch team, I oversaw the strategy, information architecture, design, and development of I worked with the talented folks at DriftLab to launch this site, breaking the mold for all other A-B websites at the time.

Born Small Town

The new Brand Belief was a pivotal shift from where Rolling Rock was before. It centered around the INDEPENDENCE OF SPIRIT. And it was the unique culmination of independence and quirkiness of independent thinkers, creators, and music lovers. The new brand was a fit with our audience: off-ness, American-ness, our conviction that the individual will prevail. A Belief that was, is and will forever be relevant in America and even the world. Born Small Town isn’t about a place or rural location, but a state of mind. A rock band, for instance, can be “Born Small Town,” but they come from Detroit. The “where” doesn’t matter. If they embody the spirit and values of the brand, it works.

"It's not where we're from...
It's who we are"

The Town Gazette was the digital manifestation of the brand in the online space. Every small town has news to share, and it’s usually a little off and entertaining. Our town loved music and had a lot to share with its residents. 

  • 2010 AIGA ST. Louis Design Show

  • AAF ADDYs — Anheuser-Busch, Inbev, Born Small Town, District Nine ADDY

  • Webby Awards: 2010 Official Honoree, Food & Beverage —, Born Small Town

Digital Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Senior Art Director - Randy Smith

ACD/Copywriter - Steve DeLorez

Creative Director, Design - Ty Baker

Creative Director, Copy - Alonso Davila

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