Purina Yesterday's News

Do-Gooder Challenge

Yesterday’s News® is a cat litter made from 100% recycled paper, dedicated to creating a “Healthy Home, Healthy World.” To coincide with a new package launch, Infuz was tasked with integrating a digital strategy and execution into a multi-faceted affinity program to drive awareness and trial.


  • Communicate that Yesterday’s News is a “do-gooder” for cats, homes and the environment.

  • Increase overall brand awareness on a digital and national stage.

  • Promote trial of the product.

  • Engage with and reward consumers for expressing their passion for “doing good.”


My team at Infuz created the campaign website and online Bag Builder tool, which let users design their own handbag from recycled materials. I was the lead art director as well as the creative director, overseeing the planning, design, and execution phases of the program. On top of that, we designed and built emails and Rich Media Banners featuring a promotional teaser of the Bag Builder. The program was primarily a PR driven campaign, in which five top eco-friendly fashion designers came together to turn recycled newspaper into eco-friendly fashions. The site also featured video diaries showcasing the progress of their designs.

A big engagement hook on the site was the Bag Builder flash application. Visitors were asked to use their eco-friendly creativity and design the season’s new “it” handbag with the Bag Builder tool, using art from the new packaging. Users were encouraged to share their creation with friends on Facebook and through customized icons and desktop wallpapers. I handled the user flow, art direction and UI design for this site and application.

The winning handbag creations were then made and unveiled at a Yesterday’s News Catwalk Event in New York City that showcased the handbags and complete outfits made from recyclable paper.


Throughout the competition, web traffic was driven via coupons, blogger outreach, social media, media buzz, fashion tips, green workshops and of course the big fashion show in New York City. In the end, the campaign generated 46 million publicity impressions and over 2,700 handbags were designed with the Bag Builder. This is probably one of my most successful online contests I ever created.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Art Directors - Heath Harris, Hafiz Huda

Front-End Developer - Neil Monroe

Flash Development - David Ortinau

Chicago eco-designer Lara Miller makes news with this couture gown, which boasted headlines from Chicago's top newspapers. [Full story]

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