Prime Pantry

Launch Campaign

In 2014, a new retail offering for Prime members launched called Prime Pantry. It was a new benefit, giving Prime members exclusive access to low-priced, everyday essentials in everyday sizes. You could get big-box retailer discounts without buying huge quantities. Prime Pantry gave customers the opportunity to add hundreds of new center-aisle grocery items to Amazon’s retail selection. Customers could buy as much or as little as they wanted and have items conveniently delivered to their home.

The core objectives for this assignment involved communicating these key program attributes:

  1. The branding/personality for this store including color/font/image guidelines and style.

  2. Building a plan for generating Prime Member awareness for Pantry (exclusive store for Prime Members)

  3. Clearly convey the benefits of the Pantry Store in a way that engages customers – price/value/convenience

  4. Helping customers understand weight-based shopping - $5.99 for 45 pounds (at launch). Now there is no fee for orders over $35.

The key target audience groups:

  • PRIMARY: Working busy parents with kids who are juggling multiple responsibilities

  • SECONDARY: Customers who don’t want to lug heavy items from stores and where space is an issue (urban dwellers, pet owners, older folks)

  • TERTIARY: Single or Couples with no kids who stock up infrequently

As the lead designer and Creative Director for this program, my team focused on storefront messaging, photo art direction, interstitial copy, merchandising templates, homepage promotional banners, box, and packaging tape design, and the explainer video for the launch.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Senior UX Designer - Lisa Maya

Art Director - Annette Rotz

Video Director - Vincent McAninch

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