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Back in 2014, Amazon introduced a new service in New York City that it calls Prime Now. Available to those with Amazon Prime memberships and provided through a smartphone app, the service lets you order from a range of more than 25,000 "daily essentials." Many years later, the program has grown globally and across multiple cities including delivery for third-party merchants. But at the time,


And often with many new products and programs, my team was brought in to figure out how to tell the story in a simple yet meaningful way. We were briefed in mid-October and the launch of the program was just before Thanksgiving. My team’s job was to support this initiative and keep pace with the evolution of the program which started as an app-only shopping experience in select cities. But as Prime Now expanded and launched in new markets, we were asked to develop an explainer video, paid social ads, style guides, and seasonal campaigns.


Delivery for third-party brands, the launch of a desktop experience, and staffing a production team for national and regional marketing managers were some of the big challenges we tackled over the first two years. Eventually, Prime Now staffed their own designers to sustain the marketing initiatives of the program as new global markets launched.

This series of paid social ads were directed by my Senior Art Director, Jill Denkmann. Really elegantly executed and captured the fun and whimsical joy that reflected the magic of 2-hour free delivery. These spots were leveraged for YouTube pre-roll, Facebook and Instagram and were also localized to Italy and the UK.

Winner: GDUSA 2016 American In-house Design Award for Advertising


My team inherited this logo mark but had to build a visual campaign to support the launch across a range of assets and channels.


In the beginning, we tested three creative approaches to our campaigns.






We tackled out of home advertising to street team kits for new city launches.


As Prime Now expanded to new cities, we developed a templated localized approach for launch campaigns. This was then rolled out the the UK and other EU countries.


My team developed vendor guidelines for third-party stores in in the app.


Sample featured category tiles for the first iteration of the Prime Now app.


Prime Now launched as an app only shopping experience. The desktop and mobile landing page here (circa 2015) was focused on downloading the app.

By 2016, Prime Now's shopping experience was launching on the desktop and we wanted to bring a fresh look and highlight key items from the store that were popular with customers. We matched user quotes from social media with products to highlight how Prime Now's one and two-hour shipping makes everyday life easier. We proposed a flexible grid style so we could match the aspect ratios of various placements, including social and on




Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

ACD / Senior Art Director - Jill Denkmann

Senior Video Editor - Vincent McAninch

Brand Designer - Ian Frederick

Lead Production Designer - Leslie Kam

Amazon Prime Now NYC Launch Video - Eyeball NYC

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