Amazon Prime Music

Launch Campaign

Back in 2014, my team helped develop the launch creative package for Prime Music. This new Prime benefit catered to the mass-market music listeners – casual music lovers who listen frequently to music and want access to a large library of music but aren’t necessarily music aficionados or super-collectors with thousands of songs in their personal libraries. Within the Amazon digital ecosystem, our primary targets were Prime members, Amazon Music customers, and physical CD users primarily. Yeah, people were still using CDs!

The primary target was Prime customers. There was a low barrier to adoption because you don’t have to sign-up for a trial. It’s free… it’s a solid offering… and you’re getting more with your Prime Membership. Access to over a million songs and hundreds of curated playlists. At the time, Amazon wasn’t trying to compete with Spotify, but create a service focused on Prime Members as a benefit and an incentive to join. Many years later, Amazon Music Unlimited launched shifting the focus to an almost unlimited library of music. But in the end, the mainstream music streamers was the focus, not trying to target a younger and hipper audience.

"[Amazon Music is a] mainstream music-streaming service for the mainstream music fan. There are ways of discovering new music through Prime Music, but what we’ve seen more is rediscovery of music—people who aren’t spending a lot of money but are music fans and are now rediscovering music from their past."

Paul Firth, Amazon Music UK talking to CNET.

My team’s focus was to explore different creative concepts for an overall campaign to launch Prime Music on a grand scale. This included campaign visuals, key art, messaging copy, tagline, and the overall look and feel to communicate the benefits of Prime Music, driving excitement, buzz, and adoption. On this page is a collection of some of my favorite early concepts. We did a lot of A/B testing across the site, email, and in-app messaging.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Art Directors - Cat Realce, Jill Denkmann, Annette Rotz

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