New Balance:

Season in the Balance

Meet the Canandaigua Academy Braves, led by Coach Ed Mulheron. Check out the types of challenges the Braves will face on and off the field. The best part of the upcoming season? They won the state championships!

In 2009, I worked as the Digital Creative Director for New Balance, overseeing the online creative, execution, social media strategy, and program management. A fun project with a great team of collaborators, Season in the Balance was an online documentary that followed the ups and downs of a high school lacrosse team from Canandaigua, NY. We actually launched a casting/audition site in late 2009 and selected the team from their fantastic submission.

As the Digital Creative Director for New Balance, I handled the front-end dev, art direction, program strategy, social media engagement, and information architecture. It was great storytelling and a breakthrough idea to reach high school students in a niche sport like lacrosse. What better way to connect with other lacrosse players than to follow a single time through the highs and lows of their season. The most challenging part of the program was managing all the social media needs by myself. The client really didn’t fund (and we didn’t scope it out properly) twitter and FB updates, but I still managed all those channels and the core show website.

Watch the full season here on YouTube.

Digital Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Creative Director - Matt Glarner

Directors: The Good Guys (Directors, DP) — Based in New York City, and serving as both director and director of photography, GoodGuys (Nathan Crooker & Brian Jackson) specialize in high-end, real person television and internet advertising

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