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Kindle Unlimited

Launch Campaign

In the summer of 2014, my team was given an extraordinary opportunity to develop the launch campaign for a new product for Kindle readers. The program was called “Kindle Unlimited” and it was a subscription-based model with no contract. An all-you-can-read buffet from the massive library from Amazon’s Kindle book library. Our core target was both Ready Enthusiasts and Reading Hobbyists.


As the Creative Director, I lead a small team of creatives and explored a variety of visual concepts to help tell this product story to our customers. From the breadth of the library to the opportunity to transport yourself to a new world, the concept that resonated the most was the visual metaphor of the journey a story takes you on. The origami paper boat was the vessel to take you through your literary journey. We pitched a craft paper concept that spanned a range of genres to work across multiple channels such as email, display ads, and paid social. I also wrote a majority of the copy for the marketing suite of content as well.


The launch video took the paper boat concept a step forward, featuring 3D animated boats that would fold and shift based on key launch titles. This campaign launched across five global markets and was built with the flexibility to change out titles based on regions. This launch campaign was also used by the press to highlight the launch of this new service.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Senior Art Director, Photo Art Director - Cat Realce

Photo Stylist - Rachel Grunig

Photographer - Greg Montijo

Video Director - Vincent McAninch

3D Animation and Post - Straightface Studios


It all starts with a brainstorm and a messy whiteboard, right?


Initial Mood Board, Concept 1


Initial Mood Board, Concept 2


Initial Mood Board, Concept 3


Initial Mood Board, Concept 4


Conceptual mock-up of the product landing page featuring the origami boat.


Conceptual kindle tablet lock-screen ads.


The boats were actually created and arranged in a variety of settings. Setting up the fleet of boats needed to be blank because the book covers varied from country to country.


Final retouched key art.


Final retouched key art hero image.


Additional alternate shots used for targeted genre-based ad placements.


Landing page and first-time-user placement.

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