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Electronics Gift Guide



Selected editorial shots from the 2013 Gift Guide.


Initial wireframes developed for the 2015 Gift Guide.


Refined wireframes for the core template sets for 2014/2015.


Select hero shots from 2014's Electronic Gift Guide.


Select hero shots from 2014's Electronic Gift Guide.


High-fidelity page mocks up for the 2015 Gift Guide.




Select hero shots from 2015's Electronic Gift Guide.


Select hero shots from 2015's Electronic Gift Guide.



Interactive kiosks located in select New York MTA stations.

When I started at Amazon in 2012, the idea of a Holiday Gift Guide was a page of category tiles that linked to search listings based on designated categories. At the time, the site had a lot of limitations with the CMS and there was a ton of room for improvement. Taking over the retail creative team, one of my key initiatives was rebooting the Electronics Gift Guide, the largest retail event for our holiday season. Working with the business and marketing teams, I helped create a series of gifting personas to help organize the hundreds of items in our holiday catalog for the holiday season. Our first season in 2013, my team was able to shoot editorial photography for key brands and products. I was more hands-on that first year, working with another art director on photo art direction, wireframes, sponsored placements, traffic drivers, and copywriting.


With each year, the guide evolved further with enhancements in our CMS modules and merchandising opportunities. By 2014, my team more than doubled in size and I had a new Senior Art Director take over the program and photo art direction. The hero placements expanded, and the visual aesthetic was more unified across the gifting categories. We created additional opportunities for increased vendor co-op funding, innovative advertising units while improving the customer shopping experience. Additional retail categories that my team supported were able to learn from the Electronics team and their holiday program.


In 2015, the Electronics Gift Guide saw huge growth performance with onsite campaigns reaching 5.1Billion impressions and receiving 10.1M clicks. Looking back where we started in 2013, I’m so proud of the evolution of the guide. In 2013, it started as a $20MM vendor-funded event, spanning 11 CE Categories, now a $124MM co-op event for Consumer Electronics & a $557.6MM cross-category event for Amazon.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Associate Creative Director - Charles Ramsey

Art Directors - Cat Realce, Dylan Rose, Ayako High

2016 Holiday Gift Guide


2016 Hero Placements


Global Style Guide for Holiday 2016


High fidelity mock for the 2016 Gift Guide.

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