Domino's Pizza

Gimme 30 Sweepstakes Concept


These are conceptual screens from an Online Sweepstakes and Instant Win game designed for Domino's.



The Gimme 30 homepage experience needed to highlight the 30 awesome amazing items to plus up your pad. Hot spots would show off details of the cool items.


I wanted to keep the entry to the game super simple. You see your pizza box? Find that code, put it in here, and let's spin the wheel.


Some of the core objectives was to grow the Domino's CRM database. You had to be a member of in order to even spin.



The "BIG PLAY" was the instant win portion of the game. The wheel would spin and land on one of the iconic results. Even though we planned for a great odds for simple little things, you might see this screen.


But Wait! Not over yet. Sort of like my version of the second chance game. Now the scratchers portion is over, let's see what game pieces you have won? Collect, match, win.


Spin the wheel... with new container slots. With each code, you get three domino pieces that come in red, white or blue.


Each one of the cool items, including the car, needed three matching domino's with all three colors. Like Monopoly, but with Domino's. Also different because everything is online.


I developed the user flow for the program. It was complicated at times. Login, to Instant Win to the match and win.



I got to design a lot of cardboard boxes. A bunch of them. They were the real game piece to start the whole online experience. I had a lot of fun writing snarky copy for our "Fast and Simples" demographic.

Domino’s came to Momentum to develop an online “Big Game” program similar to McDonald’s Monopoly annual promotional program. The core object was to increase order count and frequency through a proprietary game that’s ownable and repeatable. The game needed to be immediate and easy to play for the "Fast and Simple" audience demographic.


As the Digital Creative Director, I played a large part in the game architecture and user flow for the program. I knew we needed to create an instant-win to satisfy the instant gratification of our players, but we wanted to run the program for 8 weeks, trying to incent repeat orders. To me, that meant a collect and win game approach.

We wanted the odds of winning to be high. We developed multiple options to go into consumer testing with headlines like “3000 winners a day!” OR “1 in 6 wins!” The Prize pool consists of 30 different ultimate items ranging from wearables to home audio systems and Xbox 360 Systems to a Scion tC that can be customized in 30 different ways.

This large program went through many evolutions and my team developed TV scripts, in-store POS, and the website. Hell, I was even designing pizza boxes myself, which was actually fun because of the copy and tone of the whole program.

The client decided to table the game because of another big campaign rolling in that same summer. We didn’t want to run tests in local markets that would conflict with the national promotion. The Dark Knight Vault was that other big program that launch in June.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Senior Art Director - Nick Bommarito

Copywriter - Brendan Corcoran

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