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Back in 2011, Infuz became the Agency of Record for Contegix, a custom and strategic cloud computing and managed hosting company. They wanted a reboot and my team was in charge of developing the new brand. From the logo and Brand Belief to the tagline and positioning, we laid the groundwork for future campaigns and marketing initiatives. I was a key component of leading the re-branding efforts and shaping their communications in the digital and traditional space.


I’m very proud of the Brand Alchemy™ meetings with the client team. It was a collaborative efforts with Infuz that helped us come to a strong consensus that felt ownable in this cluttered space. With clients like Target, United Airlines, and Electronic Arts, they had to play at the national level.


What We Accomplished:
  • Created A New Brand Voice — This was derived from the brand statements: “Contegix helps you get back to what you do best.” Contegix “Lifts the burden of technology from customers’ shoulders.” The key insight: let businesses do what they do best and not worry about the day-to-day hosting issues that pop up. Companies should focus their efforts on developing business applications for moving their business forward.

  • Developed a new logo and tagline — I came up with the segmented X which has evolved into a moniker for the company.

  • Re-Designed and Launched — I crafted the core site templates and established the site architecture for the site.

  • Infuz Branded MiraCloud® — Contegix’s New Cloud Product. I actually came up with the name MiraCloud®… derived from the Spanish word “mira.” Though some think it’s a play on the word miracle, it wasn't my intention.

  • Marketing Collateral — A variety of flyers, brochures, and tradeshow materials were written and designed in addition to a brand new website.

View the Brand Guidelines PDF here.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Associate Creative Director - Heath Harris

Senior Copywriter - Eammon Azizi

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