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Site Redesign


In addition to overseeing the creative process, I reconfigured the site architecture for the new site. There was triplicate pages of content and we eliminated redundancies by re-examining their service offerings and tech support library.


The old website was hard to navigate and content was packed in confined areas causing readability issues and unneeded stress on users.


My team's wireframes for the core site page types.


The new look for We incorporated more lifestyle imagery, updated the navigation, used more white space and brought new brand colors in.


The Technical Support section was broken out of Customer Service to help the "self service" users that needed quick reference guides and information for their services.


My team also developed new iconography to break up the content throughout the site.



In early 2011, we were tasked to examine a new online ordering feature from Charter. Current customers were able to purchase additional service online, a new enhancement for the company.


I also did an audit and developed a new user flow for the Solution Builder application. This legacy Flash application had a lot of issues and was hard to update.

In 2009, the Charter Business website was underperforming on a variety of levels. Visitors were frustrated because the site did not present information clearly, including pricing details and customer service resources. Charter Business was upset because their website wasn’t helping to attract new leads or service current customers.

Charter Business approach my team at Infuz to conduct a series of usability studies with current and potential customers. We developed specific personas based on different cases and conducted a site audit of all the content. From our findings, the key insight I discovered was the way Charter classified their services: SMALL BUSINESS, MEDIUM BUSINESS, and LARGE BUSINESS. But looking at the web traffic and site metrics, no one ever navigated to the Medium Business section. No one identified that they needed “medium” services.

After assessing the usability study and persona development, my new proposed site architecture simplified their products and services into two categories: Small Business and Enterprise. A majority of Charter’s customers are small business owners, and by classifying particular services as Enterprise made navigation easier and reduced redundant content.

In addition, I broke up the gigantic Customer Service section into a tech support library of documents to accommodate the “self-service” users who are confident in obtaining the info they need. I also felt white space and typography were critical design features that had to be redone to alleviate eye strain on content-heavy pages.

My team has gone on to do additional campaign work for Charter Business. We’ve done email, search and banner campaigns to drive lead generation as well as product videos for Charter’s On-Demand channel to promote their services in the residential space.

We’ve also mapped out a new Bundle Builder that features online ordering capabilities in early 2011. This online feature was a huge organizational shift for Charter Business. This meant getting the legal group involved to allow prospective customers to complete the entire ordering process online, including contract approval and digital signatures. I mapped the user-flow and designed a user-centered shopping cart system that was flexible enough to accommodate different products, restrictions, and changing promotional offers. With the end user’s time and practicality in mind, we built a successful tool and integrated with Charter’s back-end database.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Senior Art Director / UX - Ryan Swarts

Information Architect - Hafiz Huda

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