Metaverse Concept Pitch

Art direction - Alex Kaminski

Design - Alex Kaminski



Example of one of many wireframes trying to outline the interface and interactions on the site. Typically for a pitch, we don't do this, but I had to sell this idea internally and take it up the ladder.


The WHAT interface showcased different ways of categorizing your favorite good times and share them. Each node in the Metaverse represented a piece of content.



And of course, we'd feature our new commercial spots inside the Metaverse. It's curated content of course!



Where are all the cool events happening? Now you know!


Everyday should be a holiday with Bud Light. 365 Days of Good Times. Maybe your birthday is Mustache Day! (And yes, I know that Talk Like a Pirate day is on on September 19.)


Remember Facebook Apps? It made sense back then.

Welcome to the Bud Light Metaverse

During my tenure at Momentum, we did a lot of pitching. I wanted to share this particular concept that my team developed during our pitch for Bud Light’s Agency of Record. The new brand positioning centered on Good Times. Bud Light’s “drinkability” meant that it was a catalyst for Good Times. Easier to think of it as a toast, “Raise your glass. Here’s to good times… new and old. To those that haven’t happened. And to those that haven’t ended. However you define it.”

It was my job to translate this into a digital strategy that worked in a larger integrated program. And I strongly felt that brand sites needed to make a change and shift to the needs of consumers. People don’t care about the products on a brand site. To the Bud Light drinker, Millenials share their lives online with their circle of friends. This was the digital generation and I felt Bud Light needed to recognize this core fact. No one cares about your product features, they care about the tangible experiences with your product.

OUR OBJECTIVE: Connect with our audience and let Bud Light help them embrace, record, and share their good times with their friends and the rest of the world… both online and in their everyday lives.

Your Guide to Good Times

What is a Good Time? Where are Good Times and How do you create new ones for you and your circle of friends. Our Metaverse is the new home to Bud Light, where visitors can explore and stake their claim to what Good Times means to them and the world they live in. Through a dynamic interface that adapts to incoming data, visitors can search out different topics related to fun events, news, and personal entries scattered throughout the Internet. Just like our beer, this website has been filtered for good taste. The loose construct of the content: Good Times — Who (photos), What (News), When (Interactive Map), and Where (Map).

The product takes a backseat and our editors can curate content from the web to find interesting news, videos, and events for our audience. This was 2008 and I honestly think it scares Bud Light a bit. Today, social media and content curation is commonplace when developing a digital engagement strategy, but I knew it could work back then. You can’t win them all.

Content Features (aka: “More things I dreamt up for fun.”)

365 Days of Good Times

Through a calendar interface, visitors can nominate specific pseudo-holidays that occur throughout the year. Additional users can vote and give a toast (thumbs-up) to an idea for a specific day within the calendar. From the mundane to national holidays, each day is unique and reflective of what the community deems as worthy.

Destination: Bud Light
A global map interface allows people to place virtual peg markers where they are from and post good times happening around the world. It could be small house parties to large-scale concerts and events… Spring Fling at UPenn, Bonoroo, or Phil’s party in Fremont… You just might find additional friends that you never knew, living right around the corner.

Good Time Galaxy
Essentially, this a fun and interactive news reader that pulls in multiple data streams of articles, photos, blog posts, and video clips from around the Internet. Through keywords, rss feeds, and social bookmarking, users can organize their galaxy into formats based on various data nodes (humor, events, music, bud light, etc.)

Creative Director, Copywriter, Information Architecture - Hafiz Huda

Creative Director - Chris Aguirre

Senior Art Director - Randy Smith

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