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I designed a variety of iterations on the calculator. More and more data fields were needed to educate how SkyMiles would transfer plus how to earn miles through purchases.


The user could flip the calculator and see how many miles could be used for global travel. All this was done through Flash and in-browser sessions.


And yes, the little passport bounced on the screen and opened up to reveal and win or loss.


The cutting room floor: The initial concept around the microsite was called "Milenomics 101" with an educational spin.


The video was going to be more tongue-in-cheek, playing on a thematic like old heath class films and slide shows. Mystery Science Theater 3000 meets financial responsibility.


I wanted to build a global scavenger hunt game where the user had an allotment of miles they could spend. They had to make purchases to get to the next city and maintain their free flights and keep up with the questions.


I handled the site architecture, wireframes, userflows, and first round of design templates as well as mapping out the calculator.

I was the Digital Creative Director, responsible for this unique program with American Express® and the Delta SkyMiles credit card. At the time, Delta was going to acquire Northwest Airlines which meant the old WorldPerks program was going away. It was our job to educate the members of the Worldperks program and those Visa cardholders to convert over to American Express.

Through a tight collaboration between the New York and St. Louis Momentum offices, we were tasked to build a creative platform that incites application of the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card by leveraging the  Delta customer benefit of “World’s Largest Airline” and the key product benefit of ”Redeem for Any Seat, Any Time.” Plus the Delta Skymiles Credit Card is the ONLY CREDIT CARD that can earn you more miles on the Worlds largest Airline.

My initial concept revolved around this edutainment thematic that mimicked old 1950’s educational films. “Your World and SkyMiles” or something. The classroom thematic, chalkboard, and spinning globe interface. It was a bit too silly for the American Express, so the next round was a lot slicker. I had to make sure the aesthetic matched up with the television spots created by Digitas.

The site featured an instant-win game powered by ePrize but my team handled the front-end design work and flash development. I managed the creative team and acted as an art director and information architect as well.

Creative Direction, Art Direction, UX / Site Architecture - Hafiz Huda

Art Director - JR Gaines

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