Amazon - Enhancing the Retail Browse Experience


The Consumer Electronics Accessories page in 2012 was an eye sore and full of duplicative navigation and content. One of my proposed updates to simplify the category page.


Additional page concepts for the Consumer Electronics Accessories reboot.


Here's a wireframe and mock-up used to explain to sponsored brands the available CMS modules that were available for featured Brand Stores.


The various grid modules used to plan category pages were well documented for new merchandisers and marketing managers.


Sample hero placements from Luxury Beauty.


Seasonal content planning was typically managed by the lead art director and business teams to plan custom photography and vendor provided imagery.


To examples of the Luxury Beauty page from different seasons.


Vendor style guide books were created so graphics and imagery could be leveraged for appropriate placements.


Example of a promotional graphics suite for a retail event. My team set the global style guides for many retail events, developing style guidelines, key art, and templates for other designers to use throughout Amazon.


Sample gateway hero imagery for major program launches or retail events.


One of my favorite homepage gateway hero shots.


Two pages from the Toys category from the same year. Typically there were two major shoots to cover the seasonal content flips.


These are billboards from 2014. I was lucky to find these and that is my daughter at the top!


Sample photography selects that were used for the launch of the Yoga storefront for Sports and Fitness.

For almost five years, I managed a large group of designers at Amazon Creative Services. The largest team of designers and art directors focused on retail marketing and improving the browse experience on When I took the role in 2012, much of Amazon was limited to a restrictive CMS for merchandisers to build out pages and retail events. One of the key initiatives was looking for opportunities to enhance the browse experience and to elevate the Amazon brand, attract additional brands, and drive discovery through our top tier category pages.


The following is a collection of some editorial photography, store-front redesigns, and content planning docs used to support major retail events or store launches. When the team was smaller, I worked with business teams for seasonal planning, wireframing, photo shoot planning, and page mock-ups. As the team grew, my lead art directors owned various verticals and categories that required more editorial content. The work here spans multiple years and categories.

Creative Director - Hafiz Huda

Associate Creative Director - Hope Jata

Art Directors - Jill Denkmann, Bitzy Mitchell, Marcellus Neel, Annette Rotz

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